Law Firm Law Firm CVR. 51602250 is registered as a sole proprietorship owned by lawyer Lars Brodersen, appointed by the Ministry of Justice as a lawyer in Denmark and is part of the Law Society. Law Firm, thereby lawyer Lars Brodersen, has taken out a liability insurance and guaranteed as required by the Danish Law Society. Within a defined maximum amount this covers liability on exercising professional activities as outlined in the Business Terms for Law Firm, which also regulates further details and conditions, including that any disputes with Law Firm is subject to Danish law and that action alone may be brought in the appropriate Danish court.

According to the rules of the Money Laundering Act is required to obtain identity information about its clients.



The terms of business apply to every assignment, which Law Firm accepts unless anything else has been agreed in writing with the client.


THE LAW FIRM Law Firm is a single proprietor firm owned by lawyer Lars Brodersen who has obtained admission to practise law granted by the Danish Ministry of Justice and is member of the Danish Bar and Law Society (“Advokatsamfundet”)



On receipt of an assignment Law Firm check that the assignment does not involve any conflict of interests. If such conflict does exist, Law Firm will of course refer the client to an alternative law firm, if so requested.



As a starting point fees will be fixed on the basis of the scope of the services provided i.e. time spent. In addition, Law Firm also consider aspects such as the character of the assignment, the involved economic values and interests, the result achieved for the client, the value of the services provided by Law Firm, the responsibility involved in undertaking the assignment, whether the assignment has required work under considerable time pressure or outside normal business hours as well as the complexity of the assignment and the level of expertise required will be taken into consideration when the fee is fixed.

Case-related costs and outlays are charged to the client in addition to the fee. Examples of such costs are reasonable travelling, accommodation and food expenses related to the assignment.

As a general rule we settle on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed with the client. Terms of payment are 14 days net from the invoice date. In case of late payment, interest will accrue in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Interest Act.

Invoices are subject to VAT, unless otherwise provided by applicable law.



Both the client and Law Firm may terminate the business relationship at any time. Termination by Law Firm will take place in accordance with the Code of Conduct for lawyers stipulating that an attorney may not resign from a case in such way and in such circumstances that the client is precluded from seeking other legal assistance in due time and without adverse effects.



Unless otherwise agreed, the Law Firm is entitled to use emails for any communication with its clients or other parties regarding the case. Law Firm does not warrant that confidentiality is maintained when communicating externally, including by way of email and can assume no liability for any such breach.

With no limitation of time Law Firm is obliged to treat any information received from or about the client as confidential information. The duty of confidentiality applies subject to applicable law, including but not limited to anti-money laundering or terror laws.


INSURRANCE, LIABILITY AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Law Firm has taken out indemnity liability insurance with a reputable insurance company. The liability insurance has a coverage of DKK 2,500,000 per assignment, per lawyer and in total per year of insurrance. Contact information on our insurance company: Tryg Forsikring – Klausdalsbrovej 601 – 2750 Ballerup – Denmark – +45 7011 2020.

With the limitations mentioned below Law Firm is liable for the advice provided according to the general rules of Danish law for any loss that our clients may suffer as a result of our service. Law Firm is not liable for any consequential loss or other indirect loss, including operating loss, loss of profits, data, goodwill, image etc. Furthermore, the following limitations of liability shall apply:

  1. The client may only raise claims against Law Firm and not the owners or other individuals
  2. The liability of Law Firm is limited, however, to the coverage sum of the indemnity liability insurance taken out and liability is subject to coverage of this indemnity liability insurance. Other claims can thus reduce or eliminate the coverage sum and if the client wish to eliminate such risk or requires another coverage sum a specific liability insurance can under an agreement be taken out for a specific assignment.
  3. The Law Firm is not liable for any errors committed by advisers to whom the Law Firm has referred its clients, nor is the Law Firm liable for any errors committed by sub-contractors to which the Law Firm has outsourced parts of the assignment under an agreement with the client.
  4. Law Firm can only assume liability towards the client and no third parties can raise claims against Law Firm or any individuals.



In case of complaint over the services performed by Law Firm or the fees charged the client is encouraged to contact the responsible owner at Law Firm. It is possible for the client to file a complaint in relation to our services and the fee charged with the General Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society/the Secretariat of the Disciplinary Board of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

Any dispute arising out of the advisory services provided by the Law Firm, including disputes pertaining to the interpretation of these Business Terms, is governed by Danish law.  The Danish courts have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute.


Version 2016 10 31